Thursday, July 4, 2013

28 years in 28 days. Day: 28

ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey to the big 2-8!

last but not least it only feels appropriate to say the last lesson is:

28.  i feel so blessed to live in a beautiful and free country


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

28 years in 28 days. Day: 27

a few years ago i wrote a little blog post about timing and all of the things that had happened in the course of my life due to timing.  check it out here, if you wish.

it seems like a sort of simple thing, yet sometimes it feels so difficult to comprehend.

27.  everyone has their own timeline 

i only have this one thing to add: 

ps. my birthday starts in 3 minutessssssssss.  

28 years in 28 days. Day: 26

a simple lesson that will have a huge impact on your life:

26.  learn to say no

one semester in a college class in school we had to pick a project that we wanted to work on for the entire semester.  we had to use a principle that we had learned in class and apply it to our lives and track our progress.  i was super busy this semester with school and work and i kept over-committing myself to extracurricular activities which gave me more stress and anxiety.  basically, i'd say yes to something and then find any way to get out of it last minute because... i needed the time to do homework, i just wanted to sleep in (!), i wanted to spend time with my family, etc.  trying to get myself out of something i committed to was almost more stressful than if i had just gone and done what i said i'd do or better yet: SAID NO.  so for the project i picked the principle: saying yes to something means saying no to something else. 

i found that applying the saying yes to something means saying no to something else principle really helped me figure out my priorities, even if it was saying not to breakfast with friends on the weekend because i wanted to say yes to getting to sleep in a little.

learning this principle really changed my life.  + an added on lesson: you aren't obligated to give people a reason when you say no.  you don't owe them anything!  or if you feel obligated to give them a reason maybe just say, "because if i say yes to this i say no to something else"!

Monday, July 1, 2013

28 years in 28 days. Day: 25

so going off of yesterdays let's be nice to other women discussion i wanna talk about compliments a little.

in college i was in a class where we had to read the 5 love languages book (that's what you get for being a family studies major...)  but i actually enjoyed the book.  it was interesting to read it and realize oh, that's my love language.   which is what lead me to understanding this lesson:

24.  if you think a compliment, say something!

i'm a words of affirmation love language... which means if i'm given a sincere compliment i could live off of it for days.  in fact, i remember some compliments i received years and years ago.

now, it is important for me to receive sincere compliments (please don't bombard me with snarky compliments in my comments section: i'm talking to you jeff craghead.) i realized it may be as important to someone else, too.

so maybe it's not... maybe it makes someone feel awkward when you give them a compliment, i don't know... but what i do know is when a woman tells me she likes my patriotic toenails at the splash pad it means a lot coming from someone i don't know and doesn't have any reason to tell me so.

so... there it is: if you think something nice, say something!  it might make someone's day.

(or they might think you're a total creeper........ oh well.)

28 years in 28 days. Day: 24

remember that time when feminist women in the church decided to wear pants to church and it was a big controversy?  or when they got aggravated that women had not said prayers in general conference?

this post is not about my position on women wearing pants to church or saying prayers in general conference, i'm really more concerned that before people treat me equally by letting me wear pants to church that women start treating each other equally, more respectfully, more kindly.

24.  let us oft speak kind words to each other

we're so vicious to each other...

so before i wear pants to church to prove whatever point i'm trying to prove... a movement i'd rather be a part of is: let's treat each other (women) equally before go searching for equality everywhere else.  

is that too much to ask?

that's where i would like to start.

tomorrow's topic will go along nicely with this one......

Saturday, June 29, 2013

28 years in 28 days. Day: 23

before i begin, i wanna make this clear: i'm not perfect at any of these things i'm discussing here on this blog.  i know there are things i can work on better and quite frankly writing all of these life lessons down helps me remember them even more so i can be better at incorporating them into my life.  just because i've learned the lesson doesn't mean i follow it perfectly.  (k, just had to get that out there)

23.  don't judge other people for something you don't understand

i think this goes along well with yesterdays topic of seeking perfection & constantly comparing ourselves to other people.  i think we're judging people off something we see on social media rather than understanding or knowing that persons life, so, in essence, we're patterning our need for perfection of someone else imperfect life.

but also, judging someone who makes different decisions that you do.  (AHHHH. this one is hard!!)  especially when we don't understand their life and what they're going through.  

i know for sure there have been times when i've looked at people and thought ummmmm, why are they doing that?  why are they moving?  quitting their job?  dropping out of school?  marrying that person?  why aren't they having babies yet?  why aren't the married?  the list could go on and on and i know i'm not alone in this judgement boat.  i know for certain i have been the victim of such judgements and judged other people when i don't know the full situation.  (sorry, people!)

i think it's fair to say that we can start judging people when we can finally read their minds & know and understand their every intention.

ps.  let's all just be a little bit kinder to everyone.  regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or race.

Friday, June 28, 2013

28 years in 28 days. Day: 22

the next lesson is kind of a duel lesson.  because really these 2 principles go hand in hand.

22. comparison and the need for perfection will destroy your life

it seems we live in a society where there is a certain standard that we're supposed uphold.  i've talked about it in regards to our bodies & how the world makes us feel we should look.   but now i really want to talk about the need for us to compare ourselves to those we think are perfect.  

it seems with the surge of social media the need to keep up with the jones' is even more prevalent than maybe of times gone by.  it's so easy for us to look at so-and-so's instagram feed of their family and think "i need to look like, act like, have a family like, dress my children like, throw parties like them!!"  look how perfect they are.  when in reality, do we really know what's going on in their real lives not just their cyber life?  i'm certain behind the facade of social media many people are aching much more than they let on to.  i'm so grateful for brave people who share their real life stories of heartache or disappointment with their cyber friends.

the fact of the matter is we will never be perfect in this life.  so we should take those strengths and talents that we do have and make them even better & take those weaknesses we have and find a way to improve upon them.  

i think that pres. uchtdorf said it best, so i'm leaving it at this: 

tomorrow's lesson will go perfectly along with this... so stay tuned.